Our brands beyond borders

Our brands are our signature. They embody our know-how, our values and our commitments. We recently made the choice to develop three of our brands internationally: Montagne Noire, Jean Caby and Paul Prédault. We have developed our ranges and our communication in this direction.

Thanks to our new multilingual websites, these brands will be able to shine all over the world!

Montagne noire

 Since 1933, the Montagne Noire brand has marketed products of character with an inimitable taste that embody the art of living, the culture of sharing and the pleasure of eating well characteristic of the South West in France.

The brand has a dedicated graphic charter, specially designed for the international market. A temporary page has been created, exclusively in English, while waiting for a larger site.

Jean Caby

Jean Caby is a recognized brand that has united all generations since 1919. In 100 years, his name has become famous in France and around the world.

Discover the origin of this surname brand and the products in the range. The website is available in French, English, German and Dutch.

Paul Prédault

The Paul Prédault brand is the spirit of the market! A brand that has perpetuated the tradition of market-driven charcuterie since 1928 and continues to appeal to lovers of traditional charcuterie products every day.

Paul Prédault offers a version of his site in English as well as in German and Dutch!