A new training center in Lamballe, Brittany (France)

It is in Lamballe that the Cfma, a training center for agri-food professions, inaugurated its new 2000m² premises last September in front of more than 200 partners, local businesses, local elected officials, state representatives, trainers and collaborators!

After a free tour into the new building, the participants discovered the new presentation of the Cfma on video then listened attentively to the speeches which were closed with the ribbon cutting ceremony:

Philippe Hercouët, mayor of Lamballe and regional councilor, underlined “the importance of the collective”,

Thierry Andrieux, president of Lamballe Terre et Mer, noted “our luck in having such gems in the region”,

Stéphane De Sallier Dupin, representative of MP Marc Le Fur, summarized this concept in three words “history, future and influence”,

Mickaël Cosson, deputy for Côtes-d'Armor, highlighted Cooperl's ability to "create brakes, levers",

Bernard Rouxel, president of Cooperl, returned to “the DNA of Cooperl which, faced with a problem like that of recruitment, finds solutions”,

→ and François Geay, deputy director of the DRAAF (regional directorate for food, agriculture and forestry) concluded with “the particular attention given by Cooperl to human capital and the transmission of knowledge”.

These new premises will undoubtedly be a springboard for the training center which, in 2022, has already trained 4,538 people!

Cfma new training center in Brittany in France-1

Photo caption: Marielle Gallouet - head of Cfma, Emmanuel Commault - general director of Cooperl, Bernard Rouxel - president of Cooperl, François GEAY - deputy director of DRAAF and Karine Blanchard - head of the training department of Cooperl cut the ribbon in front of the Cfma and Cooperl training teams