Our cooperative has been committed for more than 20 years in a logic of diversification of its productions through different specifications. Some are national, such as the Organic or Label Rouge quality sector, and others come under our initiative such as Pork raised without antibiotics or Alternative Agriculture.
All support the move upmarket by imposing demanding breeding conditions on them. They thus promote the production of our members to consumers through good and responsible finished products and easily identifiable labels in France and abroad.


Le porc français

Our roots are anchored in French territory since our origin. The farms of our members are all located in the west of France.


Products from animals fed with non GMO foods (<0,9%).

Organic agriculture

We support the development of organic agriculture : a responsible and sustainable approach.

Label Rouge

French quality sign that certifies that a product has a higher level of quality than a similar common product.

Bleu Blanc Coeur

An approach of nutritional and environmental interest for humans and animals.


Welfare pig

We started to stop pig castration in 2008. 80% of our members do not practice castration

Pork raised without antibiotics

A demanding specification to fight against antibiotic resistance. 750 farms are involved in the process.

Alternative Agriculture

From farm to fork: grains are grown without pesticides and finished products made without nitrite.

Pork raised on straw

In addition to being raised on straw, the animals are fed without GMOs (<0.9%) and raised without antibiotics from the end of weaning.

Our brands

The pork pieces from our meat cutting workshops are transferred to our various charcuterie-salting workshops for preparation. Into our 15 manufacturing sites, 2,700 professionals use all their know-how and produce raw, cooked or dry products that meet the expectations of our customers and consumers.